Free Lead Generation Program
for Epson CapaturePro Scanner Partners

Email Marketing

1x Email per month sent to your list

Social Media Marketing

Content is posted to your social channels

Program Information

Epson, an industry leader, and Evolved Office, the #1 marketing platform and agency, have teamed up to offer Epson CapatureProSM  scanner partners a free lead generation program.

Each month we will create and send one email blast per month highlighting an Epson product or solution. The email will be branded to your company and it will come from you. All of the leads will come directly to you.

The content will also be shared on your social media – up to 8 social media post per month shared to your company pages as well as your Sales Reps LinkedIn accounts. That is right, we will enhance your sales rep’s credibility by making them an “industry leader” by sharing thought leadership content.

  • Free Program for Authorized Epson CapatureProSM scanner Partners – a savings of $13,000 annually
  • One time graphics setup per account
  • Email blasts created and sent out to your mailing list per month (you may opt out on a monthly basis)
  • Mailing list up to 2,500 contacts with free account (Limit to one account per Partner company)
  • Content is shared on your social media channels – 8x per month (Up to 6 social media profiles per company)
  • Consistently market Epson scanner products and solutions via email and social media
  • A point-based system tracks and analyzes how contacts are interacting with content; a real-time reporting dashboard
  • Email notifications on hot leads sent directly to you
  • Modern, mobile responsive email layouts
  • Social content is posted directly to your social media channels and LI rep profiles (up to 6 social media channels per company)
  • Your email lists are safely hosted within Evolved Office’s platform – Epson does not have access to your customer lists

Lead Scoring

Get notified via email as soon as one of your customers is interested in Epson products and solutions. Evolved Office’s lead scoring system keeps track of how your customers engage with your content in a real-time dashboard.


Contact Evolved Office if you have any questions or need additional support.

For all inquiries or additional support, please contact Evolved Office.
(954) 903-7900 | [email protected]