Close Deals Faster With A Proven, Professional Video Message

Share creative, personalized videos to strengthen your sales process. Maximize potential leads and close deals quickly with improved communication for everyone involved in the cycle!

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Easy, Powerful Video Creation

Email doesn’t have to be boring. With eoVideo, you can record and send videos in just a few clicks. It’s the perfect solution for busy teams looking for a simple solution to communicate their message clearly and efficiently – from sales to support to C-Level execs.

Selling without eoVideo

  • The prospect’s inbox contains your message just like any other email.
  • Buyers prefer to conduct their own due diligence. Booking productive meetings are becoming more difficult.
  • More calls, emails, and effort are required to engage and nurture leads.
  • Meeting after meeting is only helping people as the purchasing process becomes more complicated.

Selling with eoVideo

  • Send prospects attention-grabbing videos to boost your response rate and stand out in their inboxes.
  • Share demos, whitepapers, and walkthroughs, and more easily direct your customer to the next step.
  • Cut down on the back-and-forth of written emails by up to 85% by sending a clear message via a customized video the first time.
  • Make video handoffs to later-stage salespeople or project managers to establish rapport and personalize onboarding.

Get Noticed. Shorten The Sales Cycle. Close More Deals.

Unlock the Power of Video for Your Business

Bring your message to life with an engaging video landing page that helps you build a strong connection, inspire action, and solidify your brand.

Customize Endlessly
Configure Everything
Clean, Focused Design
Simple, Straightforward Builder
Create Beautiful, Eye-Catching Designs
No Coding Required

Share Your Videos Instantly With The World!

Easily share videos right to one person, your entire contact list, or your social media accounts – no pesky attachments or downloads needed! With just a few clicks, you can create personalized, branded videos and send them to your preferred audience.

No Downloads Or Attachments Required
Share With a Link Or Directly From The Tool
Bulk Sharing Available

Effortlessly Share Videos on Social Channels

Put your videos in front of the perfect audience, no matter where they are. Easily share recordings made with eoVideo across social channels – without having to log in to each social platform. You can even share your videos directly with your Sales Reps’ LinkedIn accounts. Maximize reach without sacrificing quality!

Share Videos With Company Social Pages
Share Across All Channels With A Few Clicks
Share The Same Video To Social Channels & Email Lists

Get The Insights You Need With Video Analytics!

Learn how to use video like a boss! Keep tabs on who’s tuning in, gauge prospect interest, and analyze which reps have the magic touch when it comes to closing deals with video. Get ready for your team’s communication efforts to skyrocket!

eoVideo Insights In Real-Time
Know Who’s Watching Your Videos, When, & For How Long
Increase Conversions With Follow-Up While still Top-Of-Mind
Transform Video Data Into Sales Opportunities
Detailed Reporting

Enhance Your Workflow with eoVideo Integrations

Unlock the power of video in your business and get one step closer to marketing success! With EO readily integrated into the stack you already use, it’s simple to streamline workflows and drive performance. Explore our integrations today for an effortless way to boost collaboration across sales and marketing teams.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Integrates With Tools You Already Use
Integrate With Your CRM
Save Time By Automating Tasks

Intuitive, Customizable Video Creation

Record, customize, share, track, and host – all in one place!

  • Record Your Screen & Webcam

  • Tracking, Analytics, & Insights

  • Multiple Calls to Action

  • Branded, Customizable Emails & Landing Pages

  • Encryption & Password Protection

  • Integrations Push Data to Your CRM

  • Scheduling & Mass Sending

  • Onboarding, Knowledge Base & Customer Success

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Multiply Results Exponentially with eoVideo

Higher Click-Through Rate Than Emails Without Videos
Of A Message Is Retained With Video vs. 10% With Text Alone
More Shares On Social Media Than Text & Images Combined