A study released by IDG Connect revealed that 86% of B2B IT buyers use social media networks in their decision-making process. Even though the influence of social media is increasing, it is not the only factor in the decision-making process. Many buyers are still placing a high value on editorial and educational content, such as whitepapers and webinars, which demonstrates the power of combining these elements with social media. Repurposing your content through social media is a very powerful tool to attract new prospects.

Evolved Office is the #1 marketing content provider for office equipment dealers – why not trust our writers to handle your social media marketing efforts?

Our Social Media package includes:

Weekly postings – content, management, and engagement

socialicon33-5 posts per week + engagement

socialicon1 copy3 tweets per day + adding followers

socialicon43 posts per week

socialicon2All vendor-neutral videos from our library + 3 new videos

Access to your own Social Media Specialist – communicates with you on a weekly basis

Managed email campaigns from your EO account – promotes your social media channels each subsequent year

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  • Social media is the #1 online activity in the world
  • 43% of all marketers found a customer on LinkedIn in 2013; 52% found a customer on Facebook [WebDAM]
  • Businesses that blog get 67% MORE leads compared to those that don’t [Gartner]
  • 58% of B2B companies plan to increase their content marketing budget by 2014


The #1 social media network
955 million active users
Use to connect with friends and family, share events and photos
Average user is connected to over 80 groups and pages
Connect with other business professionals
Set up a company profile (improves SEO)
Get recommendations – increases Google rankings
Generate leads by building your network
Join conversations, be the expert
The only social platform that lets you expand your network
The fastest growing social network
More entrepreneurs use it to promote, network, and connect
People will follow when there is a common interest (industry, job, title)
Very powerful – a more engaging way to share your message
The 2nd largest search engine after Google
50% of leads are converted to sales when the lead came from YouTube vs. 10% from other resources
Posting videos is not enough, you must build your channel



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