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Content Builds Trust. Trust Builds Relationships.
Relationships Drive Revenue.

Content Builds Trust.
Trust Builds Relationships.
Relationships Drive Revenue.

Ready-to-Go Campaigns

Fresh content Ready To Go! All content is professionally written and fully trackable. E-Mail, Video, and Social Media Marketing are all tied together to make upselling and net new marketing easy. Beautifully designed campaigns are available to engage with your audience and present you as the expert. Topics include:

  • Managed IT

  • Document Management

  • VoIP / Telecom

  • Hardware 

  • Software

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Backup & Recovery

  • CyberSecurity

  • Remote Office

  • Sustainability

  • Network Monitoring

  • Managed Print

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Automations & Features


Everything starts with content…. EO Content allows you to choose from ready to go content featuring any topic you desire to promote to your database. Drag articles or products to your email templates and send them to your database. Edit or send as is in seconds!


Email marketing is essential in nurturing prospects and creating significant relationships with customers. With EO Email, you can use a set of ready to go email templates that can be tailored to fit your brand identity and sent instantly. Save time, and get your marketing started as soon as possible; no need to start from scratch!


An established social media presence will give your campaign credibility. EO Social will help you communicate your brand in social media the right way, with the right content. We don’t just create content for you to share back; but we provide specific posts that you can use to increase the reach and impact of your social media presence! With one click, you can post to multiple social media channels and even your sales rep’s LinkedIn profile.


Make knowledge transfer and communication easy with EO Video. Record quick videos of your screen and camera and share them instantly with your audience via a Link (to an individual) or broadcast to your audience. Invite members of your team to use video to communicate.

Sales- Close more deals by using videos to go over a proposal, share your products and services, present business reviews, and more.

Marketing – Do you have a new software update? A new product? Or perhaps, an incoming lunch and learn event? Shoot a video and mass broadcast it to your audience!

Support – Use video to teach your customers how to troubleshoot a problem and for them to understand your products and services. Build a relationship with them and show them how it works!

Drag & Drop Editor

Our Drag and drop editor will make you look like a designer! We have a library of elements, content, images, banners, icons, and more to Drag and Drop for you to build marketing campaigns quickly. It’s so easy that even your grandma can manage your marketing.


Our eoScore tools makes sure leads get the attention they deserve. We will score and notify you on potential clients based on how they are engaging with your content-  prioritize those leads that are the HOTTEST!

  • Know your prospects by what they are interested.
  • Easier to prioritize high value leads
  • Pinpoints customers who are ready to buy


EO Journeys will give you the ability to capture your client’s, prospects, and customer’s interests and engagement. Create a journey, take them through a funnel and let marketing automation do its magic. Personalized outreach that engages with clients at every stage will optimize your marketing strategy and drive more sales. Set goals at the end of each journey, so you know who is interested, somewhat interested, or not.

Reporting Integrations

More than 50+ integrations for you to connect with us.  Choose your channel, enter your username and password and boom you are connected!  Know where you stand on SEO, Social Media, Google Analytics and more!  Our Digital Hub gives you a 360 view on all of your marketing efforts so you know where your ROI is coming from.

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Reporting tools are a key part of any effective digital marketing strategy. It also allows you to track ROI and make better decisions about where to allocate your resources. Integrating reports from all your marketing tools is essential for understanding what’s working for your campaign. It also makes report analysis less complicated and more convenient.

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We are THE ONLY Marketing Platform that provides ready to go marketing content and campaigns for MSPs, IT VARs, and Copier/Printer Dealers. Content is localized and branded for you, and it is also completely customizable. Our drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize articles, images, and styling.

  • Hundreds of template
  • Easily edit and customize
  • Your brand is woven in every piece of content
  • Add your own content
Marketing is driven by content. The more content you distribute, the more leads you’ll get. A consultative approach drives our industry, and content plays a big part in explaining what you do and why they should partner with your business.

  • Content positions you as the expert.
  • Content tells your story and value proposition through educating clients.

We monitor the industry and produce content accordingly to what is happening in the office technology industry.

  • Monitor Industry Trends
  • Focus Groups with Clients

We never stop producing content. You will find new articles, images, videos and posts being added continuously to our platform.

  • Latest industry trends.
  • New technology trends
  • Cybersecurity threats
  • Virus updates and information

You will never struggle to come up with new ideas.


  • Targeted Emails
  • Instantly Shareable Video
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Product Library

Content Covers:

  • Managed IT
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Network Security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Ransomware
  • Managed Print
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
Our Drag and Drag editor makes it easy to turn your ideas into creative marketing. We give you all the tools to make creating and customizing available content easy.

Suppose you want exclusive material for your site or blog. In that case, we have what’s needed with the option of creating your articles—shooting personal videos, uploading images, or adding products from your Product Catalog!

  • Add and Edit Your Articles.
  • Add Your Own Images
  • Create Your Own Social Posts
  • Create Newsletters from Scratch or our Templates
  • Record Instantly Shareable Videos

Whether you want to start from scratch or use one of the templates, we love it when you get creative


I’ve had the good fortune to work with Evolved Office and several of their talented team members (Roger, Carey, Steve, Sebastian) for many years, and, I love them all! They’re a very professional and caring group of people with extensive knowledge about the office technology industry, who understand our needs and challenges. I’m very impressed with their collaborative team effort towards meeting our goals. They have definitely made my job easier and more enjoyable. Roger and Carey offer a fresh perspective and are very generous with their time and willingness to share innovative ideas and ways that we can market our company. They’ve done a great job helping us establish and grow our digital presence. Steve and Sebastian have helped us create our brand identity with excellent marketing collateral and an awesome website! If you need help or direction with any of your marketing initiatives, I highly recommend contacting Evolved Office.
Tonia Champas
22:30 19 Mar 21
Wisconsin Document Imaging engaged Evolved Office to redo our website this spring and EO did a terrific job. Roger, Sebastian and their team are easy to work with, responsive and hit their deadlines which makes them easy to recommend. We have now engaged EO to work on additional ongoing digital marketing for our company and are pleased with the early progress made by Carey and the team. We look forward to continuing our partnership!
Cory Spice
15:49 06 Oct 20