Deliver your message to the end user through your local dealer (Email & Social)

Evolved Office is the leading email marketing platform for office equipment dealers and managed IT providers.  Hundreds of dealers log in on a daily basis to access our vendor-neutral campaigns with ready-to-go content, covering topics such as Managed Print Services, Managed IT, and Document Management, to name a few.

Become a content marketing partner and make it easy for dealers to market your products to their own customer database from Evolved Office.  You can host your content or sign up to our managed email marketing program, where we will make sure your message gets delivered to the end user.  We also offer managed social media services, making it possible for dealers to better promote your products across their company social media accounts.

Why Partner with Evolved Office?

Dealers find that the marketing collateral found in their vendor portal is too vendor centric (80% vendor / 20% dealer); it should be the other way around. Our platform customizes each template with your dealer’s own brand.
3 clicks is all it takes for a dealer to customize your template and email it out to their database. Dealers need to jump through hoops to customize the marketing templates that are available in your portal. This includes coordinating revisions with an ad agency, as most don’t have any HTML experience. This process takes time and in the end, they simply won’t do it.
Evolved Office offers all of the content a dealer needs to market all of the services and solutions they offer, including Managed Print Services, Managed IT, Document Management, Color, Prospecting, Workflow Automation, and more. This is very appealing for dealers, as they don’t need to jump from vendor portal to vendor portal to find marketing campaigns.
Ever wonder why your dealers and resellers won’t upload their customer base to your marketing platform? Their customer base is their livelihood, and with so many mergers and acquisitions, they simply don’t trust their vendors. Evolved Office is a third-party platform in which a dealer’s list is secure.
A vendor’s interest lies in getting their channel to promote their products as soon as they are launched. A dealer’s interest lies in promoting their own brand locally with minimal effort, as they don’t have the time or resources to manage their marketing. Evolved Office makes it possible.

Our Vendor Programs

Dealer Solutions |Evolved Office |Syndicated vs. Custom Content:

Content Partner

Upload your campaigns (newsletters, emails, video, flyers, and postcards) to Evolved Office and make it easy for your dealers to market your products/services/webinars.  Three clicks is all it takes for a dealer to send an email blast with your content to their database, localized with their own brand.

Managed Email Program

Sign up for our managed email marketing program and we’ll make sure your marketing reaches end users.   We’ll set up your dealers on our platform, create your marketing campaigns, notify your dealers of the date of the blast, manage the ‘opt outs’, and send out your marketing piece.

Social Media Icons

Managed Social Media Services

Office Technology dealers need marketing, and they need it bad.  They need to show their customers they are keeping up with the latest advances in technology, which means they need to be active on social media.  Let us manage your dealers’ social media channels in exchange for an increase in business with you!  It’s a win/win for everyone.

Content Partners