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What Is TCM?



Think Globally, Market Locally!

Evolved Office’s Through Channel Marketing (TCM) delivers your message to the right set of eyes every time. With TCM through Evolved Office, you can ditch the shotgun approach to advertising your products and services. Instead, you can send targeted messages to end-users who have already shown interest in your solutions. Our unique automations enable brands to quickly and economically scale advertising and local marketing messages through their distributed networks of partners, resellers, retailers, dealers, distributors, agents, franchisees, and branches.

Automation of localized marketing has come a long way. Brand marketers who take advantage of automated TCM gain back valuable time to work on brand and business development, developing new products, and more with the knowledge that their partners are effectively and efficiently marketing your products. Let our automated TCM platform and our team of marketing assistants take the guesswork out of marketing to guarantee your network is engaged and delivering your brand’s message

US advertisers are projected to spend more than $172 billion on digital marketing in 2021. To drive sales in local markets, you need to provide tools to your partners that make them successful. Evolved Office’s automated TCM program is that tool.


We’ll add localized branding. You control the message.

Automated TCM: How It Works

Whether you have 10 partners or 10,000, Evolved Office’s automated TCM platform makes sure that every message is consistent, professional, and conforms to your brand. But we don’t stop there. It’s localized with your partners’ logos, addresses, and even sales reps’ headshots, to ensure their brand is visible to the end-user as well. It really is a win-win.

Here’s How It Works:
  • You (the brand) provide EO with the message you’d like to convey, and we’ll build it into an email, newsletter, video landing page, or even webinar invitation template. After your approval, we’ll distribute it to your partners’ EO accounts. Custom content and campaigns are also available.

  • Evolved Office will then send the piece to your partners for approval, giving them a chance to opt out of the campaign if they are promoting other initiatives or happen not to have that product in their inventory.

  • One week after the opt out notice is sent, Evolved Office marketing specialists will broadcast the piece to your partners’ dedicated lists, ensuring your approved content reaches interested end-users.

  • You—and your partners—can check the stats on the campaign to identify hot leads and overarching engagement with the piece.


Send content from all of your partners in three easy steps. It really is that simple.

Problems We Solve.

PROBLEM: Keeping Your Message Consistent

SOLUTION: By creating the content once and dispersing that message to your partners via one unified platform, you can ensure consistent marketing from all of your partners. Our software even allows you to lock content to guarantee it cannot be changed, providing peace of mind that the message you want to convey is what end-users will actually see.

PROBLEM: Including Local Partner Branding In Corporate Materials

SOLUTION: Evolved Office’s TCM platform localizes your corporate digital marketing messages by automating the addition of your partners’ logos, website URLs, addresses, and even individual sales rep’s headshots to emails, videos, newsletters, and more. The end-user gets the local service and support they are looking for with the overarching brand-based message you approve.

PROBLEM: Allocating Enough Time To Help Your Partners Market Your Products

SOLUTION: Evolved Office’s team of dedicated marketing specialists will handle the details for you. We have the time that you don’t have – time to build out campaigns and ensure the message gets delivered to end-users. Simply let us know what the focus of each piece should be, and we’ll take it from there, including any necessary partner communication.

PROBLEM: Tracking Partner Marketing & Success

SOLUTION: To prove the effectiveness of your TCM collateral, you can login to a comprehensive dashboard to track the dissemination of marketing messages to gauge their effectiveness. Track partner participation, end-user engagement, and more to identify what’s working and how to position your next message.

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I’ve had the good fortune to work with Evolved Office and several of their talented team members (Roger, Carey, Steve, Sebastian) for many years, and, I love them all! They’re a very professional and caring group of people with extensive knowledge about the office technology industry, who understand our needs and challenges. I’m very impressed with their collaborative team effort towards meeting our goals. They have definitely made my job easier and more enjoyable. Roger and Carey offer a fresh perspective and are very generous with their time and willingness to share innovative ideas and ways that we can market our company. They’ve done a great job helping us establish and grow our digital presence. Steve and Sebastian have helped us create our brand identity with excellent marketing collateral and an awesome website! If you need help or direction with any of your marketing initiatives, I highly recommend contacting Evolved Office.
Tonia Champas
22:30 19 Mar 21
Wisconsin Document Imaging engaged Evolved Office to redo our website this spring and EO did a terrific job. Roger, Sebastian and their team are easy to work with, responsive and hit their deadlines which makes them easy to recommend. We have now engaged EO to work on additional ongoing digital marketing for our company and are pleased with the early progress made by Carey and the team. We look forward to continuing our partnership!
Cory Spice
15:49 06 Oct 20
Seacoast Business Machines has been very happy with the attention and desire to help that Evolved Office has provided us. When you need them they are there to not only fix your issue but to also offer advice on how we can make things better. Roger and Sebastian are fantastic to work with. SBM looks forward to a long lasting partnership!
Seacoast Business Machines
12:14 24 Sep 20
Stargel has been using the Evolved Office newsletter program for over 5 years and the content is always relevant, enabling us to better educate customers about how document management solves their everyday challenges.
Tyson Stargel
19:50 13 Mar 20
I have worked with the Evolved team for a few years now. In my experience here I typically work with Roger and Steve and on occasion Chris. Steve always responds to any questions I have almost immediately and is very thorough in walking me through things so that I understand and can repeat the process on my own. Roger continues to impress me on how far he will go to support me and my company even when it pertains to partnerships with the brands we represent. He takes the time to listen to me and my goals and offers helpful suggestions without being pushy and tacking on more services/costs .
maitlyn hoskins
23:10 24 Jan 20
I've done business for years with Evolved. Great group of talented guys such as Roger and Todd. They are the best!
Mike Gray
17:09 13 Nov 19
Very nice group of people to work with.
Karen Murray
17:54 15 Jul 19
Kevin Simpson
16:15 24 May 19
Evolved delivered in a timely manner with professionalism and great support along the way. We look forward to working with our team to increase sales in the coming year.
Sharp AOE
18:08 22 Jan 19
Evolved delivered in a timely manner with professionalism and great support along the way. We look forward to working with our team to increase sales in the coming year.
Sharp AOE
18:08 22 Jan 19
We use Evolved Office to help our resellers keep their customers informed and turn prospects into sales. Their professionalism, attention to customer service, and the ability to think outside the box is refreshing. I highly recommend them.
Mary Williams
15:41 29 Jun 16
Evolved office has a great experienced team. Everyone there is a pleasure to work with and they know how to deliver results. Evolved Office did a fantastic job on the design and content of our new website as well has providing us ongoing support in all of marketing efforts!
Collin Mitchell
20:15 20 Jun 16


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