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Since 2013, Toshiba Marketing Plus has generated leads for hundreds of Toshiba partners. Just as technology evolves, so does the way we communicate and market to our customers and prospects. Toshiba Marketing Plus has been redesigned to reach your customers where and how they want to engage with you – via email and webinars. SIGN UP, IT’S FREE!

How It Works

Monthly email blasts will be sent out to your list featuring a Toshiba product/solution or inviting them to a webinar. You will be notified before the blast goes out so that your sales team can reach out to key prospects inviting to check out the latest technology. Toshiba never has access to the lists or the results.

Toshiba and Evolved Office will design an amazing Co-Branded email marketing piece. The content will promote Toshiba product while promoting your company as the experts in deploying, managing and servicing the product. Your branding will lead the marketing and you have final sign-off of what is sent to your list.

Click on the image below to view larger email samples.

The lists are yours. The leads are yours. Any contact from your list that replies will be doing so DIRECLTY to you. If they attend a webinar the lead is sent ONLY back to you!

This program is managed by Evolved Office. Toshiba does not have access to your customer base.

Lead Scoring

Get notified via email as soon as one of your customers is interested in Toshiba products and solutions. Evolved Office’s lead scoring system keeps track of how your customers engage with your content in a real-time dashboard.



Q. What are the costs for the program?

A. Nothing. Zero. Toshiba is paying on your behalf. 

Who is in control of my lists?

A. Your lists are never out of your control. Toshiba will never see your lists or any of your results.

Q, What is the commitment?
A. No contract you can opt-out at anytime.

Contact Evolved Office if you have any questions or need additional support.

Million Emails Sent Out Each Year
Million in Total Program Revenue

“We have participated in Evolved Office’s Toshiba Marketing Plus Program since 2014. The Marketing Plus program with Evolved Office makes marketing Toshiba products to our contact lists easy. Knowing that marketing is generated monthly to promote Toshiba products to our customers allows us time to focus on value-added initiatives.”

Lisa Mesenko, Allied Business Solutions, Executive General Manager

“The Marketing Plus program with Evolved Office makes marketing Toshiba products to my contact lists easy. With their automatic process of disseminating emails, I know that leads will come in with little to no effort on my part”.

Galina Zaranchuk , A&B Business Solutions, Marketing Specialist

“I am incredibly satisfied with Evolved Office and the Toshiba Marketing Plus program. Knowing that marketing is going out each month to promote Toshiba products to my customers allows me to focus on value-added initiatives. Signing up is a no-brainer”.

Kevin Simpson , Southwest Copy Systems, General Manager

For all inquiries or additional support, please contact Evolved Office.
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