You know what your dealership has to offer. Content marketing lets you share that with your community. If you don’t already have a content marketing strategy, you are probably missing out on a lot of opportunities. According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing brings in three times as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 62% less. Here’s why it is more important than ever in this highly competitive environment.

To Build Authority

Buyers want content they can trust and that answers their questions. People rely on brands that provide the information they’re looking for. Through content such as articles, blogs, infographics, white papers, and your own studies, you demonstrate you are subject matter experts. Sharing your expert knowledge is key to building an authoritative reputation. One significant advantage is that Google favors authority and is more likely to rank content that oozes it, increasing the volume of traffic coming to your site.

To Build Trust With Your Audience 

Good content marketing provides your audience with ideas, inspiration, tips, and education. It focuses more on value than pushing a product into the arms of the consumer. The more the audience reads your content and learns from it, the more they will come to view you as a trusted source of information, a company they can rely on. This creates a positive brand reputation that keeps you front of mind when the consumer is ready to buy.

To Fuel SEO 

To do well with search engine optimization (SEO), you need to have strong content. By creating engaging pieces that are focused on targeted keywords and phrases your audience is searching for online, you can improve your search engine visibility. Note that you should never stuff your pages with keywords. If you do, not only will you annoy your readers, which could harm your reputation, but search engines may ban you.

Content creation and SEO go hand in hand, but first and foremost, you must think about what your audience wants. Keywords lead readers to your content, and if it is widely read and shared will rise up the rankings. That’s because search engines want to provide their users with the most relevant and useful material for their search queries.

To Generate Leads and Improve Conversions

More than likely, your customers will not impulse buy from you. Their purchase journey may be long, during which time they’ll probably have lots of questions. Great content that answers questions or concerns is a golden opportunity to convince prospective customers to choose you as their go-to resource. Every piece of content can help bring leads closer to a sale or inspire an existing customer to take action. Doing so requires a content marketing plan with content for each stage of the marketing funnel.

At the widest part of the funnel (the discovery phase), a large number of people become aware of your dealership and its services. Here, the content should be more general to solve their problems. The middle of the funnel (the consideration phase) requires more detailed information to help your audience understand their options. At the end of the funnel (the purchase phase), leads and prospects are definitely interested in what you have to offer, so you have to use sales material to nudge them over the finishing line.

Final Thought

A content marketing strategy packed with content your target audience wants to dive into can make a big difference when someone is deciding between your dealership and another. If you’re interested in taking your content to the next level, contact Evolved Office today!