When it comes to marketing for office equipment dealers, email is a no-brainer as far as channels to utilize for maximum success. Email marketing as a strategy is cost-effective, offers an extraordinary return-on-investment (ROI) that few if any other channels can match, and perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t require specialized knowledge like some other channels. After all, hundreds of billions of emails are sent daily. Crafting a powerful marketing message and sending it out via email to your clients and prospects is something almost any professional can do without any special training or learning curve, given you’re taking advantage of a quality email marketing platform.

That said, just like anything else, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to email marketing to help ensure your campaigns are optimally effective. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when utilizing email marketing for office equipment dealers.

Ignoring mobile devices46 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices such as smartphones, with 35 percent of business professionals checking their emails in this fashion. As such, it’s imperative for dealers to utilize responsive templates for their email marketing that are optimized for mobile devices. A responsive template will ensure your message looks great on a mobile device and increase the odds it’s read.

Failing to use strong subject lines – The subject line of your marketing emails should not be an afterthought. You’ve taken the time to create a killer message, why let it go to waste by topping it off with an ineffective subject line? The subject line is the first and possibly only thing recipients will see; if it’s not compelling you risk having it deleted without being opened and read. Avoid this by carefully crafting an interesting subject line that will inspire your recipients to see what you have to say.

Painting with a broad brush – Resist the temptation to be lazy and send the same content out to all of your contacts. Each of your recipients has different challenges and needs, not to mention occupying different positions in your sales funnel. One particular email or message obviously won’t appeal to everyone, decreasing its effectiveness. Instead, take care to segment your contacts and send them more specific content that directly applies to them. By doing so you’ll increase engagement from recipients.

Making it difficult to unsubscribe – No dealer wants a contact to unsubscribe from their mailings, but an unsubscribe is always preferable to being reported as spam. By hiding your unsubscribe link and making it challenging for recipients to opt-out of your future mailings, you’ll only aggravate them and motivate people to file a spam complaint with their email provider. These spam complaints can harm the reputation of your domain and IP address, in turn damaging your deliverability rates. Rather than hiding your unsubscribe link, prevent unsubscribes by providing quality content that appeals to your audience and not bombarding them with marketing emails too frequently.

Email is the perfect channel to facilitate successful marketing for office equipment dealers. Avoid these common email marketing mistakes to ensure your campaigns bring you the highest return possible. If your dealership is considering an email marketing platform to take advantage of this highly effective channel, contact Evolved Office today for a demo of our proprietary, subscription-based, user-friendly solution. It comes complete with ready-to-go content and templates designed specifically for the office technology industry.