A great email newsletter can be marketing dynamite for a dealership. It can connect with customers, increase website traffic, enhance your reputation, and drive sales. A boring newsletter filled with generic, irrelevant content will fail to produce any results and may even drive some customers away. If they snooze, you lose.

Here are five tips on how you can harness the marketing power of newsletters and get people to open and read them.

Create Compelling Content

From the school of the obvious, produce content that is worth reading and has value. You are your audience’s master problem solver so learn as much as you can about them to answer their questions with solutions they can apply to their own situations.

Keep It Short and Sweet

People are time-pressed, and inboxes are crowded. Make sure you don’t overwhelm your readers with newsletters that seem to go on and on. This is not the place to waffle. Keep your newsletters brief and relevant. If your content is not going to add value to your readers, leave it out. You want a newsletter that is all killer and no filler.

Make It Relevant, Not Promotional

People ignore newsletters if they think the content is irrelevant. Be a helpful resource to your audience by packing your newsletter with useful information. Generally, people subscribe to newsletters because they want to learn something. While they might like your products and services, you should avoid being overly promotional. Therefore, keep ads and links to your dealership website to a minimum. A good balance is about 90% educational/informative content and 10% promotional.

Write For Your Audience 

Trying to please everyone pleases no one. The more specific your newsletter, the better. Generic, untargeted content adds to the background noise, and people are very good at ignoring this. Your readers want unique material from you, so write with them in mind and deliver. If you have time and a diverse enough audience, segment your newsletter subscriber list into smaller groups and write content tailored to each one.

You should also make sure you use the right tone of voice for your audience, whether that’s serious or humorous, formal or chatty, respectful or irreverent.

Skip The Industry Jargon

You are an expert in your field, but more than likely, your readers are not. Avoid industry jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms, and write as if you are writing for a layperson.

Write A Catchy Subject Line

Just like newspapers write headlines that demand attention, so your email newsletter subject lines should be catchy enough to make people want to open them. After all, your emails will be competing against all the others in a person’s inbox, so they need to pique interest.

Final Thoughts

Newsletters are an effective way to engage and communicate with an audience. Getting it right may take some time, but following these simple tips will help you breathe new life into yours and provide prospects and customers with a wonderful source of information. For newsletter help for your dealership, contact Evolved Office today!