All content is not created equal. When it comes to promoting your business, it’s important to understand what type of content will have the most impact and where to use it.

Syndicated Content
Much of the content on the web today is syndicated content. That is, content that the original publisher makes available to other sites and applications. This is a one-to-many approach is often used as part of a subscription or paid service.

At Evolved Office, we recommend syndicated content for email marketing. In fact, our newsletter and email marketing services use syndicated content to provide high-quality content and messaging strategies to many office equipment dealers and business solution providers. We also utilize syndicated content on client social media by posting links to and comments about articles published elsewhere on the web. But, we recommend syndicated content stops there. By limiting syndicated content to email marketing and social media, dealers can reap the benefits of syndicated content while also keeping a favorable presence on search results.

Custom Content
On the flip side, custom content is also important for different reasons. Custom content has become the secret weapon for business success. With such fierce competition in the office equipment and managed services industry it’s vitally important for your brand to stand out among the abundance of competitors.

When it comes to top search rankings and SEO, custom content is king. Google, and other search engines, treat custom content differently than syndicated content. When search engine algorithms come across the same article or portion of content on multiple sites, it doesn’t know which one is most relevant to an individual search. Therefore, it defaults to custom content because it’s considered superior and more relevant than syndicated or duplicated content. In other words if your website has custom content, your pages will be ranked higher on search results and you’ll receive higher website traffic as a result.

Custom content is also the link between your business goals and your clients’ needs. They look to you for advice and solutions, and custom content can deliver both—all while promoting your specific brand, products and services. This is the reason why it’s imperative to feature custom content across all pages of your website, as well as on your company blog.

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