Seven years after its debut, Google is pulling the plug on its very own social networking platform. The tech giant announced on October 8th that it would be shutting down Google+ for consumers. The “wind-down” will take place over a 10-month period to provide users with “a full opportunity to transition,” with the end slated for completion in August of 2019.

Why say goodbye?
Google+, rolled out in 2011 to compete with Facebook, is being shuttered because of two reasons: security issues and an overall lack of use. The former stems from Google exposing the private data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users to third-party developers in March due to a bug in an API. It then compounded matters by opting to not disclose the issue to avoid regulatory scrutiny and reputational damage, according to the Wall Street Journal. The latter should come as no surprise to anyone who has used the platform. In fact, in their announcement, Google Fellow and Vice President of Engineering Ben Smith stated, “the consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage and engagement,” and revealed that “90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds.” A figure like that makes it obvious Google is failing at competing with other social networking platforms, and sunsetting the consumer version of Google+ is a smart business move.

While Google is walking away from the social networking game, smart marketers know social media is still valuable real estate, and that there remain plenty of viable options out there for their business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great platforms on which to build your brand, increase your credibility, and position your dealership as an industry expert, all at an extremely reasonable cost.

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