Any business solutions provider worth their salt realizes how important marketing is to the success of their dealership. It’s practically impossible to be both anonymous and successful; people can’t give you their business if they don’t know you exist, and without business, no company can survive. Unfortunately, many office equipment dealers ignore perhaps the most powerful and important channel available to them today when it comes to marketing their business: email marketing.

Even though the use of electronic mail first became widespread more than two decades ago, emails remain an indispensable part of daily business. In fact, even today email is still the most widely used method of business communication. As such, it remains a highly effective marketing channel, one that every dealer should be taking advantage of.

Why is email marketing so valuable to your dealership?

Email marketing is a necessity for any business solutions provider because few if any other channels can match its effectiveness. Certainly, no other digital method can top its return-on-investment (ROI)—email marketing has an average ROI of $38 for every dollar spent. What is it that makes email marketing such an effective way to market your business? For a company, it’s quick, easy, and affordable for you to reach your target audience via email. As long as you have a list of contacts and a message to send to them, it’s hard to devise a simpler method of raising brand awareness. There’s also no learning curve or complicated ad campaign to set up and monitor. Using an email marketing platform such as Evolved Office enables you to distribute your message through a few points and clicks of your mouse. Not to mention, email marketing provides office equipment dealers with the ability to personalize their message and track its performance.

The benefits of email marketing go well beyond its speed, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Once your message has been sent via email, there’s a very good chance it will be seen by your target audience because it remains such a popular form of communication. People use email, open marketing emails they receive, and actually prefer to receive marketing messages through this channel. It’s a personal way for a brand to reach customers to increase awareness, share information, tell a story, and keep them engaged.

If you’re a business solutions provider not taking advantage of email marketing, you’re missing out on a tremendous strategy for communicating with your target audience. Evolved Office’s proprietary email marketing platform makes disseminating your message a breeze. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you—it even comes complete with ready-to-go content, so there’s no need to find the time to create it on your own. Just upload your contacts and begin marketing to them. If you’d like to learn more or see a demo of our platform in action, contact us today.