If you are a copier dealer or a Business Solutions Provider (BSP) with a long list of email addresses, look no further than email marketing.  Email Marketing is the most cost effective way to generate leads. In fact, according to the Data & Marketing Association, for every $1 you spend, the average ROI for email marketing is $40!

Email marketing is an excellent way to upsell your existing database into new products and services or to invite potential customers to a webinar or a lunch and learn. So, how do you get the most of your email marketing?

Here are a few tips:

Frequency: Send at least one email blast per month. Alternate between educational content, such as newsletters, and a selling piece, such as “Can We Help You With Your IT Needs?”

Sender Email: To ensure higher email deliverability, use a personal email addresses (ex: [email protected]). Using role emails, such as [email protected] or [email protected], tend to land in spam filters.

Subject Line: Subject lines are considered as one of the most important factors that determine whether a user will open or delete your email. Be sure to take the time to craft your subject lines by:

  • Avoiding trigger words that will send your emails to spam, such as “Free,” “Sign Up,” and “Promotion”.
  • Making sure the subject line is consistent with the email’s content (to comply with the Can-Spam Act of 2003).

Best Days to Send Emails (B2B): According to MailChimp, data shows that emails delivered between Tuesday and Thursday perform better for B2B marketing.

Best Time to Send Emails (B2B): Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. is best if your goal is to get clicks on embedded links, and Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. is best if your goal is to achieve responses.

Follow these tips and you should see higher engagement with your audience! Producing fresh content is the number one deterrent for businesses to keep their email marketing going. If you need ready-to-go email templates, schedule a demo with us. We have hundreds of ready-to-go campaigns (MPS, document management, Managed IT, color, etc.), including newsletters, videos, email templates, and more.