It’s no secret that your prospects’ email inboxes are flooded with dozens of newsletters and other marketing pieces. Delete buttons are clicked incessantly as campaign after campaign bites the dust. Business to business (B2B) email marketing may well be one of the most direct and effective ways of communicating with prospective buyers and customers, but millions of messages are erased, marked as spam, or ignored every day.

Thankfully, this fate can easily be avoided. In this blog post, we’re going to show you five B2B email marketing tips that will help your dealership dominate.

Create Buyer Personas

Some of your most important business data is related to your customers. Buyer personas are representations of your ideal customers, and creating them can help you develop customized and personalized email marketing campaigns. This saves you from marketing to people who have no interest in your products or services.

B2B buyer personas are comprised of information that includes job role, industry, location, goals, needs, pain points, business size, and budget. To create a persona, dive into your data. Also, ask your industry contacts about the type of customer that might be interested in your offerings, and survey existing clients to glean as much information as you can about them.

 Grow You Subscribe List Organically

To maximize your B2B email marketing campaign’s success, you have got to have a great list of prospects. Always prioritize quality over quantity. Avoid the temptation to purchase B2B email marketing lists because you could end up alienating potential prospects if they receive emails they didn’t sign up for. Instead, grow your list organically using any of the tried and tested strategies out there, such as creating a sign-up form, asking individuals in your network if they’d like to receive emails from you, using lead magnets, and making powerful calls to action on your blogs or other content.

 Create Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are automated sets of emails that are sent out to subscribers at specific times and dates. The purpose of a drip campaign is to engage recipients by delivering meaningful content to help move them through the sales cycle. Drip emails are triggered by a prospect’s action, such as signing up for a newsletter, subscribing to a blog, or registering for an event. After the welcome email, the campaign kicks into gear with follow-up emails containing relevant and engaging content. With high-quality material, you have a better chance of convincing prospects to do business with you.

 Send Cold Emails

While many people dread cold emailing, this practice can be an excellent way to generate B2B clients. However, don’t just blast everyone with messages hoping that some will land. Research and select contacts that are in line with your buyer personas, and find out their names so you can send personalized emails.

Another tip is to send cold emails when your intended recipients are likely to read them, such as first thing in the morning when they start work. Try to avoid Mondays when email inboxes are full from the weekend.

Segment Your Customers

Most likely, your audience is a mixed bunch of businesses with different needs and challenges. Therefore, don’t send the same messages in bulk to everyone because they will most likely fall on deaf ears. Segment your contact list into smaller groups with common traits, which allows you to send relevant targeted messages to each group.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, your B2B email marketing messages can avoid the trash can and set your dealership up for greater success. If you still need help taking advantage of this powerful marketing channel, contact Evolved Office today. Our proprietary email marketing platform comes complete with ready-to-go content as well lead-tracking to help you identify high-yield opportunities.