With today’s increased emphasis on customer service, modern businesses want to cover all of their bases when it comes to being available to their clients. To help companies and customers alike, Google recently announced a new way for your clients to connect with you through your Google My Business listing: text messaging.

Not familiar with Google My Business? It’s simple. Your business’s dedicated Google listing allows users to call you directly from their Google search results. As its latest feature, Google has incorporated a chat function whereby your customers can text you directly from your Google My Business listing. Business owners then can quickly text customers back a response in real time. But, don’t fret about losing your privacy! Your cell phone number will remain hidden from your customers, and you can turn off the messaging feature at any time.

To enable messaging capabilities, sign into your Google My Business account and input a number that can receive and send text messages. Making it more convenient for prospects and customers to reach you really is that simple.

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