Life as we know it changed in 2020 due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Schools are closing, employees are working remotely, events have been postponed, and people are staying home to avoid contamination or spreading the virus. But thankfully, many professionals are fortunate enough to continue to work and support those who are also still operational and in need of their services. Evolved Office is among that demographic.

We are open for business and here to help you with your marketing efforts. Our employees are all working from home for our safety and that of our loved ones. Each of us has access to the tools we need to function as usual and serve our customers. While our workstations have changed, our commitment to providing you with top-notch content, service, and support has not.

In light of the pandemic, we’ve turned our attention to providing our clients with timely, ready-to-go content related to current events. This content is designed to promote the types of services your customers and prospects need at this time. To date, we’ve created 12 COVID-19-related eSHOTs that cover a variety of topics, from letting your contacts know you’re still open for business, to telecommuting and video conferencing solutions enabling remote work, to special financing promotions during these trying times. We’ve also pushed an extra newsletter full of remote work-based articles and added telecommuting and video conferencing images to our Asset Manager for you to use in your digital marketing pieces.

While much of the country is not fully operational, most of us cannot sit idly without generating business as we wait for the pandemic to end. We need to support organizations in our local communities and keep revenue flowing in order to survive. The Evolved Office staff is here to help you do just that, in any way we can. Whether it’s providing timely content, assistance creating or sending marketing pieces from your EO account, sharing company updates on your social media platforms, or updating your website, we are hard at work and here for you.

We’re all in this together, and we will persevere. Stay safe.

– The EO Team