Your office technology dealership might be taking advantage of email marketing already. If so, you’re regularly sending out marketing content to your clients and prospects, which is great. That’s what you SHOULD be doing, regularly reaching out to your audience with a message. Email as a medium provides you with a direct connection to your audience enabling you to build two-way relationships that aren’t subject to pay-to-play and other complicated algorithms. You are in complete control—not a third-party looking to make a profit—which makes email a very dynamic channel.

However, as the saying goes, ‘if you’re going to do something, do it right’. And just emailing your contacts marketing messages is simply not enough. To create engagement from recipients and get a worthy return on your investment, you need to think of email marketing as an art form, rather than blindly sending out messages without carefully and thoughtfully considering your audience and what it is you’re sending them.

Your role as a business solutions provider is to solve a problem: help companies do business more efficiently through products and services such as multifunction printers, document management software, Managed Print Services, and Managed IT. To facilitate this, you need to find the people with this problem—businesses in your territory—and get your marketing message in front of them. But if you want to maximize your return on investment from email marketing, your message must take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect by providing value for its recipient, rather than merely selling them something. By providing value to people, you can more easily earn their trust and attention, enabling your message to be heard above all of the other noise in their email inbox.

So, how do you provide value to recipients of an email? That’s where effective email marketing becomes an art form. An extremely valuable canvas you can use to turn your email marketing into art is a newsletter. Newsletters remain one of the most important email marketing vehicles, as they offer you a way to not only provide value to recipients in the form of informative content, but they allow you do so over the long term. Unlike many other types of email marketing campaigns, newsletters have no shelf life. You can utilize them to build long-term relationships with your audience over time, developing a bond as a knowledgeable industry expert they can trust to solve their business problems.

Is your dealership delivering value to inboxes in the form of a weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletter? If not, contact Evolved Office today to learn more about our proprietary, subscription-based email marketing platform. It comes complete with monthly newsletters featuring ready-to-go content that will position your dealership as the trusted office technology authority, as well as the ability to easily create custom content of your own with our user-friendly editor. We’d love to schedule a demo and show you how you can take advantage of email newsletters.