So many businesses want to know the secret to successful email marketing. And to be honest, there isn’t just one magic bullet. But, it’s all too easy to make common mistakes and let your subscriber base slip through your digital fingertips. That’s why we’ve put together some easy-to-implement email marketing tips designed to boost your email marketing success.

Don’t Oversend – This is a common mistake that many businesses make early on in their email marketing trials. By flooding your audience with too-often emails every other day, you’ll end up with annoyed subscribers and a high drop-off rate. Instead of sending an email every time you have something to say, put all of your monthly updates into a streamlined email newsletter. That way, subscribers can get all your news in one convenient place. You can also send one-off emails with special announcements a few times a month in between newsletters to keep your brand relevant.

Segment and Target – Instead of sending a mass blast to your entire list, try segmenting your list so you can send highly targeted emails. By tailoring your specific message to certain groups, you’re more likely to see higher open rates and click throughs because your message will be more relevant to readers.

Make Subscribing Easy – The most effective email lists are the ones that are constantly growing and changing. If it’s too complicated for people to sign up to your email list, you’ll never get your email marketing where you want it to be. But, the solution is simple. Post a signup form on your homepage, blog, social media pages, and anywhere else your customers and prospects are already active. And keep it simple. Don’t go crazy with the required fields. All you really need it their email address.

Email marketing can be tricky if it’s new to your business. Evolved Office specializes in helping office equipment dealers and business solution providers grow their businesses with quality email marketing (that includes video marketing, too). Contact us today to jumpstart your email marketing, or visit our website to learn more.