Several factors play into where your website lands when making an inquiry on a search engine. Google designates certain criteria known as ranking signals to determine which sites end up on the first page of search results. Examples of established ranking signal examples include having clean URL structures, responsive layouts, alt text for images, social media endorsements of your content, and more. Most recently, Google made an announcement that it will begin using HTTPS as its newest ranking signal.

So what is HTTPS? Put simply, the “S” in HTTPS indicates a website has additional layers of security as opposed to those beginning with “HTTP” (what comes before the “www” in a website’s URL). Switching to HTTPS involves purchasing and installing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate from your hosting company, as well as a few housekeeping efforts, such as updating redirects and links.

Any change to your website can seem daunting, but you have to weigh that trepidation against being behind the curve on website security and losing hard-earned SEO for your site. Consider the following reasons why making the switch to HTTPS can benefit your website:

Better Security – An HTTPS site includes encryption, data integrity, and authentication layers of security between the site and its users. This heightened security especially comes into play if you offer a checkout or shopping cart feature on your website. If you sell products through your site, you will protect both your customers’ data and your own by switching to HTTPS.

Boosted Credibility – Consumers are becoming more aware of the difference between HTTPS sites versus their less-secure counterparts, whereby visitors put more trust and value into HTTPS sites. This credibility boost is particularly true for those businesses selling Managed IT Services, as your move to an HTTPS site shows you value security in technology. On the other hand, not having a secure site may make potential clients question your competence, driving them elsewhere.

Increased SEO – Now that Google has added secure sites as a ranking signal, having an HTTPS site matters. You will rank higher in Google search results compared to your local competitors whose sites start with HTTP, driving leads to your site and giving you an advantage over the competition.

Considering its security, credibility, and SEO benefits, converting your website URL to HTTPS is a no-brainer. If you’re interested in making the switch to HTTPS, contact Evolved Office today. We can help.