If you’re looking to create visibility for your dealership in an increasingly online world, content marketing is key. Providing a wealth of valuable and relevant material that resonates with your audience brings in new leads, showcases your expertise, and influences conversions. Given its importance, content marketing shouldn’t feel like a bolt-on, something extra that you have to do before turning off the lights and going home. It should become a part of doing business, part of your DNA, to ensure it is as impactful as it is informative. Here’s how you can accomplish that.

Get Every Department to Pitch In

Content marketing’s ultimate goal is to grow your business, something in which every department and employee has a stake in. However, your customers deal with a wide range of departments such as sales, customer services, finance, and products/engineering. Therefore, it is a good idea to get everyone’s perspectives to help you create more meaningful content that is read, enjoyed, and shared. For example:

  • Sales can help you with insights into customer pain points, the questions they have before purchasing, and what prevents them from buying.
  • Engineers will have a lot to say about the most effective ways to use your solutions.
  • Leadership teams will be a rich vein of material for why particular products and services were created for your target audience.

Engage Other Departments

Most likely, your marketing department will produce your content such as landing pages, blogs, and articles. However, as good as your marketers are, your customers would most likely enjoy hearing from different voices from time to time. Therefore, encourage and invite contributions from other departments. If some of these colleagues are not natural writers, they can work with your marketing pros to finesse the copy.

Expand Your Content

You want to create content that people care about, but you don’t have to only rely on the written word. In addition to blogs and whitepapers, consider videos, emails, and social media to spread your message.

Videos – according to psychologists, videos are more engaging than text and images. Consider short videos such as product or product function demonstrations, customer testimonials, and introductions to your team.

Emails – send out content via informative emails to your subscriber list. Chat with your sales and customer service departments about content ideas, which could be based on the questions they’re asked most frequently. You could also test the effect on your metrics of users receiving emails from someone other than a marketing person. Would they be more intrigued and likely to read an email message from the CEO? What happens when a customer service representative sends out a message? Test out different ideas as well as email formats to see what best drives engagement.

Social Media – you don’t have to rely on the marketing department to engage with your social networks. Everyone else can be involved as well, provided you’re all speaking with the company voice and there’s a detailed schedule for posting and replying to comments. You don’t want it to be a messy free-for-all.

By truly embracing content marketing throughout your dealership, you can increase visibility and brand awareness, build trust, and foster long-term relationships. If you need assistance with your content marketing efforts, contact Evolved Office today. We can help you engage audiences with top-notch content across a wide variety of channels.