Your company has finally decided to jump on the email marketing bandwagon. Wise choice…better to start taking advantage of its unrivaled return on investment (ROI) late than never. However, you’re now faced with another choice: with so many options available today, which email marketing service is right for your business? To help you eliminate pretenders and identify contenders so you can make an educated decision, here are some of the most significant considerations to weigh when choosing an email marketing platform.

Does it fit within your budget?

People like to say “money isn’t everything,” but that doesn’t apply in business, where fiscal responsibility has a direct impact on your bottom line. Or in non-profits, where every penny matters. That’s why your first consideration should be whether an email marketing service fits within your marketing budget. While email marketing does boast a tremendous ROI, those returns might not be immediate, and it doesn’t make business sense for any company to overextend itself financially. Find a platform that provides all of the features you need without breaking your marketing budget.

Does it meet your marketing needs?

What are you looking for in an email marketing solution? Are you merely interested in sending out relatively basic newsletters from pre-designed templates, or do you want the ability to design and create custom pieces from scratch? Do you have the resources to create content in house, or do you want access to a library of top-notch, pre-created articles, designs, graphics, videos, and campaigns? Would you benefit from reporting that provides data for your broadcasts that enables you to track their performance? Regarding the latter, that’s a rhetorical question, because…

Does it provide statistics and analytics?

To get the most out of your email marketing efforts, you’ll want to track and analyze the performance of your broadcasts. These analytics will provide you with actionable insights about engagement and identify hot leads. Your email marketing platform should provide you with comprehensive data reporting and analytics for each of your broadcasts.

Does it integrate with your CRM?

An email marketing service that integrates with your customer relationship management (CRM) software will save you a great deal of time and effort and make sure you are reaching all of your contacts. This integration will eliminate the manual management of your lists and contacts, allowing you to easily export this client information from your CRM into the marketing platform.

By asking these questions when considering email marketing services, you’ll be able to weed out bad fits and hone in on a platform that will be best suited to meet your needs. Evolved Office’s email marketing platform is an all-in-one tool designed specifically for business solutions providers. Contact us today to schedule a demo.