It’s no longer enough just to have a website for your office technology dealership. On the contrary, for business solutions providers to compete in this digital world, you need a high-quality website. When they’re looking for a company to do business with, people no longer grab a phone book and let their fingers do the walking. Instead, they turn to Google or another search engine, type in keywords for the product or service they’re interested in, then visit the websites of the companies that show up at the top of those results. Your website is the hub of your online presence. It must show up on the first page of those search results, be easy to navigate, make it easy for people to communicate with you, and portray your company as a credible business in order for you to generate leads.

Your website is often your first impression with potential clients and is all they have to base their opinion of your dealership on. That’s why you need to make it count. Here are some of the components of a killer website to help you accomplish this.

It’s Mobile-Friendly/Features a Responsive Web Design

The majority of visitors to your website will be doing so from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. As such, your site must be compatible with all types of devices to provide a quality experience for the visitor regardless of which one they are using. By making your website mobile-friendly through responsive web design, it will detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and adjust the size, accordingly, eliminating the need to zoom in to read the text.

In addition, Google now utilizes mobile-first indexing, relying on the mobile versions of websites to evaluate their relevancy for indexing and ranking purposes. Failing to have a mobile-friendly website will punish your site in search results, which will mean you’ll have significantly fewer visitors.

It’s Optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want people to visit your website, they need to find it first. SEO makes this possible, utilizing a variety of techniques to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by landing your site high in search engine rankings without requiring you to pay money to do so.

It Makes it Easy to Contact You

Once a visitor of your site decides they’re interested in doing business with your dealership, it should be quick and easy for them to reach your staff. Everyone’s time is valuable; potential clients shouldn’t have to do work to find out how to contact you. You can accomplish this by including your phone number at the top of every web page and providing forms visitors can fill out to have you follow up with them. Forms also give you the ability to add prospects to your list for email marketing purposes.

It Has a Clean, User-Friendly Design

Your website should provide a positive experience for visitors while portraying your dealership as a credible, trustworthy business. A modern, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing site will build trust with visitors and keep them on your pages longer. Both of these are important to motivate people to do business with you.

A killer website is a must for any business solutions provider looking to dominate their local market. If your site simply doesn’t cut it, contact Evolved Office today. We offer both custom and ready-to-go websites that will provide your dealership with the digital presence you need to succeed.