‘Tis the season to be jolly. That’s right, the holidays are upon us, a great time for marketers to engage new and existing customers with festive offerings and promotions. But there is a snag. At this time of year, email inboxes are more crammed than a stocking full of presents. So if you’re an office equipment dealer, how can you reach your subscribers with messages that stand out from the rest? Here are four tactics to incorporate into your yuletide email marketing strategy to maximize success.


Build A Smart Holiday Email Schedule 


Any email marketing campaign’s success can hinge upon cadence, which encompasses the timing and pattern of sent emails. If you make sudden changes in the cadence and send too many messages too quickly, mailbox providers might view them as spam, and they’ll never be read by your intended recipients. Therefore, start to build a healthy cadence with consistent timing and volume before peak holiday time.


Bring Some Holiday Cheer 


The competition for your customers’ eyeballs is always fierce, but even more so at this time of year. So make sure the subject line and the content resonate strongly with your audience. Your message has to pass the “what’s in it for me?” test to stand any chance of success. You could also use festive email designs to capture attention.


Clean Your Email List


Many subscribers, for any number of reasons, will ignore your emails instead of unsubscribing. These people just aren’t interested, nor are they likely to be. Also, some people change their email addresses each year. Just as you need to remove deadwood from a tree to help it grow, you need to prune your email lists so that you have good quality recipients. Data from individuals that don’t interact with your messages could harm your standing with your email provider. You may not want to trim down your subscriber list, but remember that size isn’t everything. However, before you do that…


Try To Re-Engage the Disengaged, One Last Time


Don’t throw in the towel just yet with disengaged customers. While it is essential to trim your email list of cold subscribers and unengaged customers, it is worth giving them one last shot. After all, many were actively interested in you at one point, so think about how you can rekindle the relationship you once had. Among the ways you can do this are by offering an incentive like useful product information or a coupon. You could also invite feedback to learn about why they grew disinterested in your content.


By following these tips, you can take advantage of the many opportunities that the holiday season offers your dealership. Then once the holidays are over, start a follow-up campaign to sow the seeds of future relationships.