Social media doesn’t just open doors. It’s one of the most powerful tools marketers have to attract customers, partners, and star employees. If your dealership needs a boost in visibility and a better conversion rate, here are a couple of ways to grow using social media.

Why Is Social Media Important

Social media has exploded in popularity in the past decade. Around 79% of millennials use social media platforms at least once per day. Even about 36% of Gen Z users use Facebook weekly according to a survey by The Manifest.

But why is this important? Small to medium-sized companies can benefit the most from social media marketing to influence consumer buying behavior and increase their sales..

Marketing your dealership on social media means getting more exposure. Because more and more people spend time on various social media platforms, targeted ads can increase your dealership’s visibility considerably compared to marketing on other websites and channels.

Additionally, social media interactions can feel more personal, which is excellent for keeping potential prospects engaged.

Social media marketing campaigns can build trust with audiences and partners. Furthermore, it makes it easy for loyal customers to promote your dealership and services and become brand ambassadors.

The more people advocate and recommend your services, the more business you generate.

Which Channels Should You Use?

Before creating a social media marketing strategy, it’s essential to understand what platforms are most popular or used. If you can target a higher number of users in your desired audience, your ads will get more exposure, and you can generate more leads.

While Facebook reigned supreme for a long time, YouTube is arguably the most popular modern social media platform. Everyone enjoys video content, which makes it perfect for inserting ads or sharing promotional videos if your dealership has an official channel.

Facebook and Instagram come in second in popularity, with Facebook still holding the top spot of over 70% of active daily users.

Others look at Pinterest for brand updates and product showcases due to the platform’s emphasis on visual communication.

Finally, LinkedIn is a strong contender, too, especially in the B2B market.

In general, you should be active on more than one social media platform to increase the chances of your ads being seen by your target audience.

What Is Organic vs. Paid Content?

Organic content is everything you post that you didn’t have to pay for. It can include photo reels, short videos, posts, articles, and other content used to interact with prospects and customers.

Paid social media content works differently. While it can have the same level of quality as organic content, paid content is often displayed to a targeted audience.

The great thing about paid content is that it can reach prospects outside your social circle. Sponsored posts are harder to miss and can help your brand get in front of the right people.

There’s another reason to use paid content. Organic social media content is great but doesn’t always break through the algorithms. While your current audience may enjoy it, the content is unlikely to generate many new leads and prospects.

Paid campaigns put your message out there through modern marketing practices and can reach people outside your sphere of influence, often leading to instant conversion boosts.

How to Run Paid Content on Social Media

Creating a successful paid marketing campaign on social media is a relatively simple process.

First, you’ll have to identify the best platforms to connect with your audience. After that, you have to set clear goals for the campaign regarding lead generation, an increase in followers, and growing sales.

To seal the deal, you need a meaningful copy that will resonate with your ideal customers and position your dealership as the solution and the authority in your market.

Most social media platforms have built-in tools that will help you customize paid content and distribute it to specific demographics.

How to Support Your Sales Team on LinkedIn

Paid content will give your sales team more opportunities to sell products and services. But that doesn’t mean your sales team can’t benefit from extra help.

For example, ensuring you have a professional LinkedIn dealership profile can give your salespeople the clout they need when talking to prospects.

In addition, being part of industry-specific groups and posting regularly to their own pages can help expand your Sales Reps’ networks, leading to increased prospect interaction and boosting the likelihood of closed deals.

LinkedIn is a great social media platform to share your story and offer actionable tips. Your sales team will benefit from a solid profile that sparks visitor engagement and by posting regularly. This positions them as the expert and tightens the sales cycle.

Social Media Generates More B2B Traffic

People outside the marketing industry may view social media platforms as places to exchange photos and thoughts. In reality, they’re powerful channels that help companies get exposure, explain their mission and message to potential customers, and engage with audience members on a deeper level.

If you want to find out how you can create a social media strategy for your dealership, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s work together to supercharge your lead generation and improve conversion rates.