LinkedIn can open many doors for your dealership, helping you to build credibility, create meaningful relationships, attract prospects, and generate sales. Making it work for you requires a lot more than merely establishing your presence. Here are some top tips to help you engage your audience and maximize your impact.

Create a Compelling Company Page

A LinkedIn company page establishes your public image and gives you an opportunity to tell your story. This is where visitors are going to learn a lot about you, and remember, first impressions count. Write an informative, concisely edited ‘About Us’ section, use your dealership’s logo and a good brand-friendly photo (preferably not a stock image), and complete every section.

Company pages are search-engine friendly, so optimize yours with relevant keywords and phrases that your audience uses when searching for the products and services you offer. But don’t just wait for people to find you online. Be proactive by adding a link to your company page on your website, social media channels, business cards, and other printed material.

Add Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are extensions of your main page that let you extend your presence across the platform. They are niche pages where you can promote different products and services to different buyer personas.

Share Valuable Content with Your Audience

Answer questions and solve problems by writing and sharing meaningful content. Doing so allows you to nurture a genuine relationship with your followers and build brand awareness. When you post, always think about whether your content is going to be valuable. Therefore, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this post helpful?
  • Does it provide my audience with new information?
  • Does it provide an actionable tip?

Be sure to post regularly and consider other forms of content such as videos. According to LinkedIn’s own findings, video content shared on its platform gets 5x more engagement while live videos get 24x more engagement.

Build Relationships

LinkedIn is designed for making relationships, and people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Strong relationships are at the heart of every successful business story. On LinkedIn, there are several ways you can forge high-value and sustainable relationships.

For example:

  • Join and engage with groups that are relevant to your industry.
  • As a member of these groups, ask questions and offer advice when you can.
  • Occasionally send your connections content that you know they will value and attach a personal note.

Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

Engaged employees can be a tremendous asset when they share your content and success stories with their networks. People are more likely to trust information shared by people they know than content shared by brands. (Ask us how we’ve made it easy to share content from your reps’ LinkedIn accounts!)

Consider Targeted Ads

Get your message in front of the right audience by using targeted ads. You can target leads and prospects using more than 20 attributes such as location, job titles, skills, job seniority, member groups, and company size. There are four types of ads to choose from: text ads, dynamic ads, sponsored messages, and sponsored content.

Final Thought

On average, 46% of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn. Therefore, to help your dealership reap the benefits, spend at least a few minutes every day on the network and take advantage of the many opportunities it provides. For more information about social media marketing and leveraging LinkedIn for your dealership, contact Evolved Office today!