Elevate your social status with EOSocial, a one-stop shop for ready-to-go, industry-based social media content and scheduling for dealers.

Let’s start with a simple fact of life: your dealership needs to be using social media. Social platforms help you increase awareness about your brand, build trust with customers before establishing a relationship, and turbocharge your leads and sales. These are not just idle words; the stats back them up. For example, 90 percent of the top-performing sales reps use social media, 78 percent of sales professionals on social media outperform their peers, and 71 percent of people are more likely to buy after reading social media reviews.

However, there’s a snag (or several snags) when it comes to dealers posting to social platforms: getting it right is hard. For starters, most businesses don’t have the resources to create compelling content, and you can’t just throw any old post out there and hope it will resonate with people. Not only do the words have to be engaging, but the graphics do too, and most people are not professional writers or graphic designers. Plus, social media is relentless. You have to dream up ideas constantly, post regularly, and get your employees to monitor your pages and engage with users.

Today’s businesses are blessed with having one of the most helpful marketing tools ever created but consistently fail to make an impact with their social media endeavors. But it’s not game over for them because help is at hand.

Evolved Office is proud to introduce EOSocial, the only social marketing tool that offers ready-to-go, industry-based social posts for dealers and MSPs. With just a few clicks on this results-driven platform, you can schedule and send customized, curated content to your followers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  

EOSocial Key Features

  • Original, expertly written, industry-specific content for all your social media platforms, including topics such as Document Management, Managed IT, MPS, Remote Office, VoIP, and more
  • All content is customizable and can be posted quickly across your social channels
  • Integrated with Canva, the standout favorite graphic design platform for those looking to create custom content
  • Competitor analysis tools that let you track your competitors’ social media activities
  • Social analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Easy engagement with followers—simply log in to EOSocial to like and reply to your posts’ comments across platforms

With EOSocial, you’ll never run out of content ideas and will always be able to publish well-thought-out pieces that earn the trust and loyalty of your customers.  

EOSocial Key Benefits

  • More engagement and responses for your posts
  • Greater attention from non-followers
  • You’re viewed as more responsive and credible than your competitors
  • Builds greater trust in your dealership, which can help close more deals

If you’re serious about social media and the results it can achieve for your dealership, you need to step up your game. EOSocial can help. Click here to learn more about how social can elevate your brand and sign up for a free trial.