Are you on the fence about starting a company blog? Or, have you started one, but don’t spend enough time updating it with quality, custom content? Either way, it’s time to learn the facts about blogging so you can make the right decision for your business or dealership and utilize blogging to your advantage.

Here are several ways blogs work to boost your business.  

Blogs boost SEO. Search engines love good blogs with original content. With a clear content marketing strategy, your blog can draw in quality website traffic that you would have otherwise missed out on. Each blog post is an entry point into your website and creates another page on your site, which maximize your opportunities to rank well on specific searches. Keyword-rich blogs fly to the top of search results, so be sure to use keywords and tags appropriately for maximum effectiveness.

Blogs provide solutions. Your customers turn to you for solutions – specifically business solutions regarding imaging equipment, office hardware, and managed services. The goal of your blog should be to help clients and prospects find the information they need in a non-threatening environment. Unlike your website that is more commercial in nature—providing specific information about your products and services—blogs operate more like a conversation by offering education, insight, advice, and perspective. Once people trust that you are the most knowledgeable source on certain subjects—like MPS, document management, and hardware solutions—they will turn to you when it’s time to buy.

Blogs allow for speed and relevance. Blog are great because you can create or update them on the fly. So instead of waiting on your IT manager to post updates to your website or make an announcement to your homepage, now you can just blog about it. Then you can link that blog on your social sites to get the word out. In fact, that’s one of the most valuable aspects of blogging – it’s synergy with social media. So be sure to link back to your blog posts whenever possible.

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