Just as the evergreen tree is a symbol of eternal life, evergreen content has perennial appeal for marketers. It is high-impact, in-depth material that is never dated. Evergreen content is truly the gift that keeps on giving because it keeps working for you long after publication, regardless of the day, month, or year.

Among the many benefits of evergreen content are that it provides continual lead generation, requires little updating, can easily be repurposed, and accumulates organic traffic over time.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at the types of evergreen content you can create to give your dealership long-lasting results.

Tips and How-To Guides

Most of us love to learn. By breaking down perennial issues into bite-sized steps, you inform and educate your visitors and provide genuine value. While tools and devices can become dated over time, how-to guides such as How to Print More Efficiently in The Office and How to Choose an MPS Provider will have a long shelf life.


Checklists are a natural progression from how-to guides and make life easier for the reader. They never get old and are very popular. Few things are more satisfying than crossing off items on a checklist.


Convince your customers to write testimonials or interview them for their opinions of doing business with you. Testimonials are a great source of evergreen content that helps establish your credibility and show your audience how your products and services will benefit them.

Buying Guides

Share your knowledge about what people need to know when buying or leasing certain items.

Answer Common Questions

Collect the questions you frequently get asked by customers and publish the answers in the form of a frequently asked questions (FAQs) repository. This is content that is beneficial, easily updated, and can be referred to time and again.


If there are a lot of good stories wrapped up in the history of your industry or dealership, tell them. Since you are writing history, it will always be evergreen.


People are always looking for expert insights. Choose relevant topics and interview in-house experts or specialists in your industry.

Glossaries of Terms and Phrases 

A glossary or dictionary probably won’t be the most exciting piece of content you’ll ever publish, but undoubtedly you have many industry-specific terms that people will want to learn. Your readers will appreciate it if you can help them understand what they mean. In most cases, definitions rarely change and are highly suitable source material for evergreen content.

Case Studies

Show your audience what’s possible with your products and services. Provide real-world examples to help potential customers make a decision about engaging your dealership’s services. With case studies, you get to display your expertise and tell a story at the same time. And everyone loves a great story. With this type of evergreen content, you can really stand out.

Warning! Don’t Make These Mistakes

Create attention-grabbing evergreen content by detailing common mistakes in your industry. Then provide tips on how customers can avoid and overcome them.

In Conclusion

Content is king in marketing. Investing your time in creating good quality evergreen content can produce lasting results for your dealership. Write it once and reap the benefits well into the future. If you’d like help generating evergreen content for your website, contact Evolved Office today!