You’ve put a lot of time, money, and effort into planning and preparing for your dealership’s lunch and learn. You’re all set to host a quality event showcasing your industry-leading technology solutions. You’ve accounted for the venue, catering, hosts, presentations, swag, and prizes; all you need is bodies in attendance. You obviously can’t twist people’s arms to make them show up, so participation is often considered one of the variables you cannot control. However, there is a way to help maximize attendance to ensure your event will be a successful one: email marketing. Here’s how.

If you’ve been in business for a reasonable amount of time, you should have a sizable amount of contacts consisting of clients and prospects. If you’re maximizing your email marketing efforts, you have these contacts segmented into lists. Doing so enables to you send targeted messages to different sets of recipients, delivering content to each that is best suited for them. For example, you can design separate invitations for existing clients and prospects, sending each to the appropriate contacts. Additionally, segmenting your lists by sales rep allows you to send invites from each individual rep, so the recipient has a pre-existing relationship with the sender, increasing the likelihood they’ll read the email.

Email marketing gives you the benefit of being able to personalize your invitations through variable data. If you’re diligent about including individual and company names for your contacts, you can personalize your emailed message by including the recipient’s first name or the name of their business. This will add a touch of warmth to your invitation that will increase engagement.

Any email marketing platform worth its salt offers responsive, mobile-friendly emails. A large number of recipients are going to view your emailed event invitation on a mobile device; by providing your contacts with a responsive design, your emailed invitation will render properly and look great on the smaller screen of their device, while being easy to navigate. All of these factors coming from mobile-friendly emails will also increase engagement and as a result, attendance.

Busy professionals have a lot competing for their attention. Even people who are sincerely interested in attending your event aren’t prone to forgetting about it by the time the ‘day of’ arrives. Email marketing’s ease of use and affordability make it simple and cost-effective to send a follow-up reminder to your initial invitation, say the week of or day before the event. This will help prevent your event from slipping the mind of interested individuals.

If you’d like to utilize email marketing to maximize attendance at your dealership’s lunch and learn—in addition to promoting your products and services using the marketing channel with the highest ROIcontact us today. Evolved Office’s digital marketing platform was designed exclusively for Business Solutions Providers (BSPs) and comes complete with ready-to-go office technology-based content.