When it comes to social media, many business solution providers aren’t sure where to start. The social media mix can seem intimidating or overwhelming, especially for dealers who are so focused on the selling side of the business that the networking side gets overlooked. But when implemented and executed properly, social media engagement really isn’t that difficult and can add significant value to your business and your brand.

By following a few social media best practices, you can better connect with your customers and prospects. Here are some of the top rules to follow across all your social media platforms.

  1. Pick a tone. Is your social media “voice” corporate and professional, or casual and cool? Either way, it’s important to clearly decide on the tone you want to use and stick with it across all of your accounts. When making this decision, consider your target demographic and cater your language toward your most profitable clients.
  2. Follow back. Maybe you already have a healthy number of followers, or perhaps you’re just getting started on social media. But, your list of followers isn’t the only thing people are looking at. They also want to know who you are following in return. If you have a hefty list of followers, but only follow a handful back, people will think you’re not interested in what the community is talking about. It’s important to stay engaged in what the online world is talking about, so always follow back any clients, prospects, or community leaders. Plus, when you follow back, you might get some public thanks, which is great for your brand.
  3. Use them or lose them. We’re talking about the social media icons on your website. Many companies put these buttons on their homepage to make it appear as though they have a social media presence, but rarely post to these account pages. If you’re not active on your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIN accounts, it’s best to remove them from your website. Customers check these sites to gauge your influence and community engagement, so if you direct them to nearly blank pages, it will only work against you.

  4. Reach out to influencers. Social media platforms offer the perfect platform to boost your public profile. Reach out to influencers in the business solutions industry and connect with them by sharing their content and staying active in their conversations. You’ll soon gain more credibility based on these associations.
  5. Be proactive. Monitor your personal pages and feeds, as well as industry chatter daily. This allows you the opportunity to engage in conversations both focused on your brand and the office equipment and managed services industries as a whole. On your pages, always respond to both positive and negative feedback. Consider any criticism as an opportunity to improve your reputation for service excellence.

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