What is the magic behind successful email marketing? Some argue that it is all about spectacular copy, while others swear by knockout images and killer subject lines. All of these ingredients are important to providing relevant, beneficial email communications, but the true key to a successful strategy is consistency. By planning and sticking to a consistent email marketing strategy, you can:

Provide value
When recipients see your message, they want to know that what you have to say is worth reading. Do your customers appreciate what you send? Do they have a reason to open your email? With consistency, you can prove that messages from you are worth their time. Value can take many forms—you may write blogs, articles, and educational pieces; perhaps you share useful trends, hints, and tips about making the most of their business technology. Think about your customers’ needs, and provide them with regular, practical tips to help them succeed.

Build a relationship
By consistently supporting the success of your customers, you can demonstrate that your messages are worth their attention. Each email is a new chance to strengthen your relationship and prove your worth. With regular, reliable messaging, you’ll stay top-of-mind as their ally and go-to resource. Nothing is more powerful than transitioning from transactional to relational engagement.

Foster trust
Your communications reflect on your business. With regular communication, you can demonstrate that you are a trustworthy partner who always delivers. Here, expectations are key, so set communication goals that you can realistically meet. This includes both the schedule and content of your messages. It is better to set modest expectations that you know you will fulfill than to make big promises that you might fail to deliver. Your reliability and expertise will prove—more strongly than any claims you make—that you are a trustworthy and valuable partner.

Every single email you send is an opportunity—are you regularly making the most of it? With some dedication and focus, you can build an email marketing strategy that provides value, builds relationships, and fosters trust. If you need a partner in developing your email marketing strategy, Evolved Office is here to help. Contact us today!