Maybe 2022 is on track to be one of your best years. But wouldn’t you like to guarantee that 2023 will definitely be your best yet?

It’s easier than you think.

While 2022 is coming to an end, setting up your marketing strategy for the following year becomes more important. You must plan accordingly and work in advance to provide proper momentum.

With the right momentum and the perfect marketing strategy, your dealership can exceed expectations and blast through every financial goal. Here’s how to create the perfect marketing strategy for MSPs and dealerships in 2023.

Put Your 2022 Marketing in Review

Analyzing trends should be one of the first things on your list. Familiarizing yourself with what works and what audiences prefer will be crucial to achieving maximum engagement and visibility for your MSP business or dealership.

Fortunately, not much has changed in previous years. Video content, personalized and conversational marketing, and voice search optimization will dominate the digital marketing space.

So, start setting some new goals.

Doing a deep-dive into your Google Analytics data will help you understand your 2022 achievements. Use those as benchmarks to create new and bigger goals for 2023.

But achieving better results requires an understanding of your current strategy. You need to know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong to make effective adjustments.

That’s why every planning stage starts with a review.

Review Your Website

Reviewing or auditing your website is always a priority. Marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and chances are you already made some tweaks during your 2022 run.

To hit the ground running with an improved approach in 2023, you need a comprehensive overview of everything you did this year.

Look at your traffic numbers, if you are following SEO best practices, if your user experience aligns with the most recent trends, and more when determining if your website is up to par.

There’s always room to improve a website at the dawn of a new calendar year.


Market trends sometimes change, and you have to keep up with the newest audience demands. Find out what prospects and customers want and tweak your website to meet their preferences.

Work on Your Reputation Management

If you want to see how your MSP or dealership is perceived, your social media pages and online reviews will offer a lot of insight.

Reputation management means monitoring and managing your image in the online space.

So, start by going through the feedback left online by customers, brand loyalists, and other people or businesses that interacted with your MSP or dealership in 2022.

Review your customer support department to ensure you can solve issues for customers or even prevent them. Work on your processes to deliver timely customer solutions and maintain an active social media presence by communicating with followers more often.

Set new goals for your reputation management strategy. Commit to generating more reviews of your business and services to achieve a higher customer interaction rate and get consistent feedback. If you can get more reviews consistently in 2023, you will realize a competitive edge while being able to identify and respond to potential operational issues quickly.

Create a Calendar Schedule

As previously mentioned, most marketing strategies undergo multiple changes throughout the year.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t map out the next 12 months.

Devising the perfect marketing strategy for your dealership in 2023 will involve creating a calendar schedule.

Know what you must do to stay relevant, build awareness, generate leads, and convert prospects at every step. This is even more important once you have clear goals and milestones.

A plan will tell you how to proceed, reach the next level, and overcome obstacles.

Evolved Office proposes an easy-to-follow calendar schedule for dealerships going into 2023:

  • Two monthly email blasts
  • Three weekly social media posts
  • Posting new blog content every month

Two email blasts can help you share new video content and generate new interest in your dealership’s services and products without being pushy.

Three social media posts are enough to spark conversation, offer tips, and generally keep followers engaged and active on your social media pages.

Lastly, blog posts allow you to share more valuable content with your audience in a format that can tackle complex issues without overwhelming readers with information.

Depending on your area of expertise, niche, and audience, the number of monthly blog posts can vary. What is essential to get right is consistency. Don’t let one month go by without giving your audience new informational content to devour.

Plan Your 2023 for Maximum Success

Creating a more efficient marketing strategy comes down to two core aspects. You must know your current strategy like the back of your hand and use that information to add, remove, or improve certain elements to meet a new set of goals.

This will be much easier if you develop the practice of tracking metrics and refer back to your data before making marketing decisions. If you want 2023 to be the biggest year yet for your dealership, don’t hesitate to contact Evolved Office for help creating a new plan.