There are many ways to market and advertise your business. Given the effectiveness of social media platforms, it’s easy to get your message across to your audience.

While written content is used by everyone, video marketing introduces a new tool for marketers and business owners. Video content can raise your dealership’s profile and change the way you interact with prospects and customers. Here’s why this is more important than you think.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Reading takes time, especially when people have to understand technical concepts and terms. But videos are a lot better at explaining services and products. You can use videos to tell your prospects exactly what you do and how you do it.

It’s an excellent way to clarify the benefits of working with your dealership. In addition, videos are more versatile and will enable you to tailor content for different audience segments.

You can use traditional video ads, live streams, and webinars to promote new products and services and help prospects visualize the value of your offer. Another option is to encourage your sales reps to shoot one-on-one videos to give them a competitive edge.

Some reports show that video marketing is a go-to strategy for over 90% of marketers.

For example, YouTube has a watch time close to 250 million hours per day, which means that video content has a very high chance of increasing brand awareness.

How to Use Video Marketing for Your Dealership

Small to medium-sized businesses probably benefit the most from video marketing. That doesn’t mean you won’t find large enterprises also pushing video content to their audiences.

The potential to gain exposure is massive, and adding a personal touch to your video marketing content can help connect with people and businesses on a deeper level. Most audiences prefer to engage with brands this way, hence the impact videos have on traffic, awareness, and conversion rate.

But how do you leverage this powerful marketing tool?

Email Blasting Video Content

The easiest way to introduce video content into your marketing strategy is to start replacing some of your written content.

Email blasting is an efficient way to get maximum awareness with little effort. You can send the same video to a segment of your audience via email because it will be more engaging and easier to digest.

It’s an excellent method of promoting new services, offering helpful tips, and explaining your brand’s mission to existing and potential customers.

Sales Videos

Sales videos are often underrated. Some companies don’t create videos because they fear the production costs.

However, creating sales videos means creating evergreen content. You can create a library of one-off videos that can be sent to prospects and customers at different stages of their buyer journey.

Some will act as follow-up content to help you check up on warm leads, cold leads, and long-time customers.

Other videos can present proposals like new services, discounts, and complementary products, with sufficient information to help prospects see the benefits of working with your dealership.

You can send these via email, post them on social media pages, etc.


Not every video your dealership creates must serve a direct marketing objective. Some of them can be marketing-adjacent.

Every customer will need customer service and help troubleshooting various issues. One of the ways to use videos to your advantage without being salesy is to offer insightful information and tips on how to fix various problems.

Tutorial and troubleshooting videos can also create brand awareness as people will likely stumble upon your content without even looking to buy. Do a good job connecting and explaining things, and your service videos can generate new prospects.


If you want your dealership to succeed, you’ll need a consistent flow of new customers and also star employees.

Onboarding videos are essential for every dealership for two reasons. First, your videos can introduce your company to new customers and lay the groundwork for long-lasting relationships.

Secondly, videos about your company, processes, mission, culture, and goals can help new employees adapt to their new work environment. Additionally, the better you present your company, the more interest you generate with experts in your field that can help your dealership perform at a higher level.


Do you do some things differently in your dealership compared to your competitors? Perhaps you use a specific CRM or have a unique way of tracking progress or engaging customers.

Training new employees and honing the skills of existing ones is essential for your dealership to run smoothly.

Creating training videos will speed up the onboarding process and ensure everyone knows what they have to do and how to achieve optimum results.

Videos Add a New Dimension to Your Business

Every department in your company can benefit from video content. Video content is a powerful and engaging tool, whether it’s to create brand awareness, make sales, train employees, or attract new talent.

Contact Evolved Office today if you are looking for an easy, affordable way to leverage videos or expand your digital presence. Our wide range of content-focused services can help you take your marketing game to the next level.