With the rise of the MSP industry, Evolved Office is excited to announce a revamped platform geared towards MSPs. Evolved Office released a slew of new tools and automation that make it easier for MSPs to generate more clients than ever through quality content.

FLORIDA, Nov. 11, 2022 — Evolved office’s automated email marketing feature makes it easy for MSPs to stay in touch with their clients with access to a library of ready-to-go content for the entire IT space, including email templates, newsletters, and more.

Closing more deals, doing better marketing, and giving superior support for MSPs is made easier with Evolve Office’s On-Demand Video Messaging. With this tool, any specialty business can shoot high-quality videos that they can use for proposals, product overviews, business reviews, and more all in one platform. Evolved Office’s video-sharing capabilities allow MSPs to mass broadcast their message to as many people as possible- ensuring their brand is always heard.

Another powerful marketing automation tool is Journeys which will help MSP businesses to create customized journeys for their clients, prospects, and customers. With this tool, MSPs can take their target audience through a funnel and personalize their outreach at every stage.

“If you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing platform with everything you need to get the job done that is easy to navigate with all integrations to Connectwise, Datto, Zoho, and more, Evolved Office is here for your specialty business. From creating stunning marketing materials with less effort with Evolved Office’s ready-to-go content to managing your social media accounts, we got you!” said Marc Spring, Chief Business Officer of Evolved Office.

About Evolved Office

As the MSP marketing landscape changes, Evolved Office stays on top of all the latest trends, research, and industry news to provide MSPs with the most effective and relevant marketing solutions and services.